Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hacking Toolz!!

Hack Tools
Rapidshare hackers
pass: mechodownload

Sub7 For Experts
!!Download Ultimate Hcking Tool "Sub7 legends"!!!!
Not for beginners!!!!! use carefully!!! Tutorial provided inside zip
password: 123456
click to get
Yahoo Booter!!

1) Double click the .exe file. Labeled "Colts 1Bot YaHell.exe". A window containing the main forum labeled "Colts 1Bot YaHell" should pop up.
2) Now we need to enter the bot name in the label titled "Y! Name" and the password into the label titled "Y! Pass"
3) Pretty much self explanitory...hit the "login button"
4) Now you type your nameyou want to boot into the label titled "Lamer" and choose one of your three booting options. Which include PM Bomb, Imv Bomb, and Buzz Bomb
Yahoo Magic Pass
use this one really easy
mAgic Password |Sender

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